Digital Vehicle Inspections: Creating Transparency from Mechanic to Customer

Time for an oil change? Engine not running smoothly? Have no idea what is happening with your vehicle but know something is wrong? Going to an auto shop might seem intimidating, especially if you do not know much about your vehicle. With the technology we have in place, it allows you, the customer, to remain in control of your vehicle. 


Link Automotive, an auto shop in Charleston, WV, understands how important vehicles are and how they are essential to everyday life. Here at Link Auto, our goal is to keep your vehicle in great shape along with saving you money.  


With technology quickly advancing, we have implemented a digital vehicle inspection that creates complete transparency from the mechanic directly to the customer. When arriving with your vehicle, our mechanics will do an overview of your vehicle and send a quote directly to your phone with the repair to be done on your vehicle. Before the mechanic starts working on your vehicle, you accept or decline any jobs that have been identified. By allowing the customer to decide whether or not they want certain jobs performed on their vehicle allows them have control over their vehicle and builds trust with their mechanic. There will not be any unexpected fixes to your vehicle while you are gone resulting in an additional cost you were not prepared for.


Our digital vehicle inspection can also identify issues that might not be as apparent as a squeaky break. With being able to find these issues, this will terminate causing damage to other parts of your vehicle, thus saving you money and potentially prolonging the life of your vehicle. 


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Written by Link Automotive

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