Keep Your Car Running Stronger with an Oil Change

Do You Need an Oil Change? 4 Signs You Need One Today

When it comes to complete car care, routine oil changes are necessary to keep your vehicle in great shape. If you skip this essential auto service, your entire engine could be at risk. But if you’ve put your car’s service needs on the back burner for a bit, you may not realize your vehicle needs an oil change until you hear, see, or smell something unusual.

Here are four telltale signs that you should take your car to Link Automotive in Charleston, West Virginia, right away for an oil change.

Strange Engine Noises

Your motor oil’s biggest job is to keep all parts of the engine sufficiently lubricated. When the oil gets old or dirty, it won’t keep the engine properly lubricated, and different engine components may start rubbing together when they shouldn’t be. The metal-on-metal movement can cause odd noises.

Strange sounds coming from your engine, such as grinding or squealing, could mean that you need an oil change.

Burning Smells

While some car scents are normal, as the lingering odor of last night’s drive-thru burgers, others can signify a problem. Motor oil helps regulate the temperatures of your car’s engine and keeps things cool.

If the oil is old, it won’t be able to cool the engine. This can result in a burning smell. If you’re scrunching up your nose at weird car odors, it might be time for an oil change.

How Low Can You Go – Not Very

Extremely low oil levels are very, very bad for your car’s health. In fact, it could cause costly engine damage. Check your oil levels by using a dipstick. If your oil is low, schedule a service appointment at Link Automotive now.

Illuminated Dashboard Lights

Many of today’s modern cars will conveniently tell you that it’s time for an oil change by having an indicator light pop up on the dash. If your oil indicator light is on, call our shop today.

If you need an oil change, call Link Automotive in Charleston, West Virginia now. We can be reached at (304) 915-2886.

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