Prevent Slow, Rough Stopping with Brake Repair Service

How fast can you go from sixty to zero miles per hour? Being able to stop your car smoothly and quickly is one of the most vital functions of a vehicle, so we put our brake repair service high up on the list.


The highly trained mechanics that service your vehicle at the auto shop will expertly take care of your brake repair to ensure your safety when on the road. You shouldn’t have to worry about slow, rough brakes. We strive to make our services and processes as simple as possible for everyone to use in the Charleston, WV area.


If you are ever unsure about the condition of your brakes, you can bring your car in for a convenient digital inspection. This advanced technology will make sure you are aware if all aspects of your braking system are up to standards, including brake pad thickness, rotor wear, and hydraulic fluid levels. The results of the inspection will be shared with you online so that you can easily view the results of your vehicle. You’ll also receive suggested services, timeframes, and estimated costs as well.


One of the things most important to the health and safety of you and your passengers while driving are good brakes, so don’t hold off on their services and risk not being able to come to a safe, controlled stop. Schedule your appointment by clicking the button below or call 304-915-AUTO.



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