Regular Vehicle Maintenance

Everyone knows that when something goes wrong with your car, you have to fix it. But what if you could majorly reduce the risk of that happening at all and make your car last longer? This can be achieved by keeping track of some specific things going on in your car.  


With regular, on time oil changes, and monitoring brake fluid levels, power steering fluid, transmission fluid, and engine temperature, your car will last longer and potentially avoid expensive repairs that could happen in the futureThese factors should be checked reasonably often to make sure your car is ready to go 


Link Auto can help monitor all of these for you with regular service intervalsWe will do the work for you while you sit back, relax, and rest assured that your vehicle is taken care of. 


One of the unique features Link Auto offers are digital vehicle inspections. This allows our mechanics to provide the customer with a digital inspection form complete with pictures of any issues with your vehicleThis form can be sent by email or text and this process helps the customer decide what issues need immediate attention and what issues to keep an eye on. 



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