The Importance of Preventative Vehicle Maintenance

With Link Automotive’s 35 years of fleet maintenance, we understand the importance behind preventative maintenance for heavily used vehicles.

Link Automotive recommends preventative maintenance for all vehicles, especially if you rely on your vehicle to make money. If your vehicle is not on the road and in good working condition, then it becomes impossible for you to make money and can put passengers at risk. Link Auto makes it easy for individuals with this lifestyle ensuring that their vehicle is in good working condition. When a vehicle is well maintained, it decreases the likelihood of unexpected repairs and prolongs the life of the vehicle.


Link Automotive recommends developing a maintenance plan for drivers, whether your vehicle is a personal vehicle or a rideshare vehicle, to ensure they are aware of all repairs to be completed, thus decreasing the number of unexpected repairs. Once you can identify the number of miles you drive in a week or month on average, then you can schedule your appointments in advance for regular services such as oil changes, tire rotations, and tune-ups. Link Automotive allows customers to schedule appointments which helps rideshare drivers eliminate the amount of time their vehicle is not in working condition. With scheduling appointments in advance, this allows you to have a guaranteed time of when you are able to bring in your vehicle which will decrease the amount of time it is in the auto shop and not on the road.


Another benefit of Link Automotive’s service is our digital vehicle inspection.

A digital vehicle inspection is performed before work is started on the vehicle to see if there are any additional issues that may not be as apparent as a squeaky brake. Our mechanics do a thorough check highlighting the current issues in the vehicle along with repairs that will need to be fixed relatively soon. With this service, it allows our customers to be well informed about the condition of their vehicle, so they are knowledgeable about future repairs.


Along with bringing in vehicles regularly for service, drivers should also become familiar with different parts of their vehicle so they are aware of any additional issues that may be occurring. When you notice your vehicle is not driving properly, bringing it to the auto shop immediately instead of ignoring the issue will result in an easier fix. If you continue using their vehicle when there is an issue, this can result in damage to other parts in your vehicle. You can also check your tire pressure, tire tread, oil level, oil quality, and exterior lights to ensure everything is working properly. When you check the different parts of your vehicle frequently and bring the vehicle in for service when it is needed, it will decrease the average cost of each auto shop visit.


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