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Going to an auto repair shop might seem intimidating and you might avoid it at all costs. Finding a mechanic that you trust is what we strive for at Link Automotive in Charleston, WV. Link Auto is a modern, unique auto shop allowing customers to remain in complete control of their vehicle. With the technology we have in place, we have taken a leap in the right direction to make sure you, the customer, is getting all the information you desire. We offer a variety of services, loyalty programs, and special technology in order to improve your experience with vehicle repair. 

“What makes Link Automotive different from every other auto shop around town?” and “How can you modernize an auto shop?” are common questions that immediately come to mind for many people. With the extensive research we have done here at Link, we found the problem issues at standard, stale auto shops and wanted to become the exception. We have prioritized creating a nice waiting area, make sure there is always someone to answer your phone calls, and hired great mechanics to have a high standard of quality of repair. 

With over 35 years of professional vehicle repair on fleets, Link Automotive is now open to the public. Link Auto offers a wide range of services on most makes and models. Some of their most common jobs are oil changes, tire rotations, brake replacement, and vehicle tune-ups. 

Our loyalty program is something different for our auto shop that is not seen at many other locations. Within this program, there are different status levels that provide the customer with different offers to save money. 

With new technology emerging, our goal is to maximize the communication between the customer and the mechanic. Our digital vehicle inspection allows the mechanic to send a quote of repair to be done on the vehicle and allow the customer to accept or decline which jobs they want the mechanic to complete. This creates complete transparency with our customers and allows them to remain in control of their vehicle. 

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