TIRES: Repair vs. Replace

Here at Link Automotive, we take your tire health seriously Tire punctures and flats may come at the worst possible time, but it doesn’t mean you automatically need to buy a new tire. With the right tire conditions, a tire repair will be just as efficient.   Puncture Size You can accidentally drive over all

Is It Time For Another Oil Change?

Changing Your Oil is More Than Good Mainteance Questions about the oil change schedule are never far from a responsible driver’s mind. You should understand why changing your vehicle’s oil on a consistent basis is good for the engine’s overall performance and longevity. Some rules of thumb for oil changes have been around for decades.

Link’s Business Sense

The values of a business are sometimes hard to pinpoint, which means they are hard to follow with business actions. This is why we defined ours word by word! Link Automotive has a set of feelings and attributes that we run our business by. This set list defines everything we do in our business so

What Makes Link Automotive Unique

Going to an auto repair shop might seem intimidating and you might avoid it at all costs. Finding a mechanic that you trust is what we strive for at Link Automotive in Charleston, WV. Link Auto is a modern, unique auto shop allowing customers to remain in complete control of their vehicle. With the technology we have in place, we

How to Prepare your Vehicle for Winter

Winterizing your vehicle is important for the safety of you and your vehicle and Link Automotive is here to help you every step of the way! With preparing your vehicle for the winter season, some of these tips can be done on your own or with the help of Link Automotive.   Some of the

COVID Car Sanitization Tips

When thinking of places that need to be cleaned, people typically think of high touch point areas that are things like doorknobs and light switches. However, your car has high touch point areas that people tend to overlook.   Especially during COVID-19, you should often clean all areas of your cars. This includes door handles,

Regular Vehicle Maintenance

Everyone knows that when something goes wrong with your car, you have to fix it. But what if you could majorly reduce the risk of that happening at all and make your car last longer? This can be achieved by keeping track of some specific things going on in your car.     With regular, on time oil changes, and monitoring brake